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Standard Package(Choose 3 Items, cake is included)                                  

Assorted Hors D’oeuvres

100 Sandwich Spread (Bocaditos de Pasta)

100 Croquettes (Croquetas)

100 Pastelitos Cheese (Pastelitos de Queso)

100 Pastelitos Guava (Pastelitos de Guayaba)

100 Pastelitos Beef (Pastelitos de Carne)

100 Pastelitos Coconut (Pastelitos de Coco)

1 Vanilla Cake

Additional Appetizers

100 Ham and Cheese Sandwiches (Bocadito de Jamon y Queso) $60.00

100 Rolls of Ham and Cheese (Rollitos de Jamon y Queso) $60.00

100 Fried Stuffed Potatoes (PapitasRellenas) $60.00

100 Mini Pork Sandwiches (Mini Pan con Lechon) $85.00

appetizers food in miami Appetizer jamon y queso

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