Business Meeting-Business Events-Corporate Meeting-Corporate Events

Project details

  • Party Size: 50-100 Guests
  • Deal: $ 500 for 4 Hours with 1 attendant

Business Meeting-Business Events-Corporate Meeting-Corporate Events


Four J Events Club will provide a private place with you can discuss any matter of business , We understand the importance of business meeting ot Corporate Meeting. Very important to maintain a business goal on secret. If you need a place to do a Business event of Corporate event for you workers , we will provide you the service thtat you need it. You have to call is now,
Business Evetn or Corporate Events need a different accommodation as tables and different chairs. We will compliance with any requirement that the customer request.
(Four J Events Club is having a special, contact us now and don’t miss this opportunity!) .(.CALL NOW 305-497-0288!)

  • Business Meeing or Corporate Business
  • 60 guests
  • Audio included
  • 50 chairs
  • 1 Table for Business Owner or Presentation
  • 2 tables with linens for food
  • 2 Hours

Monday to Friday: $3250

Four J Events has a capacity for 125 people on tables and chairs, i f we need only chairs will be 175 people. we can offer different packages on food and drinks. Parking is free, private room.



Business Meeting events Business Meeting


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